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Focused Finishes Imperfect Charm Palette


In case you missed our announcement, JBC added 13 new finish selections to the Benchmark Collection of 3DL doors, drawers and accessories in 2023.  In our last blog post, we focused on part of the new launch, the Minimalist Palette.  We’ve been breaking down the new releases into curated duos and trios that work well together.  The duos and trios are a jumping off point for creating smaller palettes of finishes for your design projects.  This post features the Imperfect Charm Palette, a collection of warm neutrals and inviting subtle woodgrains.

Also called “Wabi Sabi”, imperfect charm is rooted in Japanese aesthetics.  Imperfect charm invites us to find beauty in the imperfect. It is a unique approach, which when used correctly, personalizes and makes your space unique.  An example of this concept is seen above in the open area underneath the kitchen island.  Elegance is found in the shape of the platters and bowls on display.  Cherished and heirloom items speak to history and tell stories of life’s journeys.  The charming spokes of a vintage bicycle become a focal point in the center photo.  Dark blue mysterious grounds the subtle Chameleon woodgrain and Ashen adds the perfect neutral.

This curated palette includes:

Ashen | TFL Match Arauco SF232


Mysterious | TFL Match Arauco SF247


Chameleon | TFL Match Tafisa L584

A full list of finishes is available at our website:  Please contact or reach out to customer care at 586-468-4765 for samples or swatches.  Stay tuned for more posts featuring our curated palettes as we roll into the winter months.

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