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Mix and Match


3DL mix and match

JB Cutting recently had the pleasure of working with Closet Organizing Systems and Denise Butchko on a project titled “Channeling Frank Lloyd Wright.”  The project began when Denise’s long-term clients realized they were going to become empty nesters.  The couple has different ideas of relaxation; the husband is a TV watcher while the wife loves to read. They also used to entertain on the large scale, which has diminished through the years. They decided to turn what was a dining room space into a multi-functional library. 

Denise’s task was to design a diverse space, where they could dine, but also enjoy their extensive book and travel collections along with displaying their special pieces and china.  They live in a craftsman home in Chicago that has a pretty traditional vibe.  Denise thought that authentic wood would be the only answer in a home of this style.  However, that plan was a pricey one.  As she was investigating a “Plan B”, she saw the 3 Piece Artisan Style on the JB Cutting Website which was similar to what they wanted in real wood. In lieu of going with all one color, she chose to mix Tafisa’s Autumn Leaves L542 as the side pieces and Winter Cherry L541 as the center panel.  This is the first time we’ve had a designer use these colors together and we think the combo really works!

3 piece artisan

In addition to doors from our Artisan Series, Denise used one light doors in Autumn Leaves from our Craftsman Series, and thermofoil pieces in Autumn Leaves from our Benchmark Collection.

Winter Cherry

 “The challenge was to design the pieces so that they had a modern feel, but also still felt appropriate and harmonious to the home. I feel like we accomplished that with the materials we selected and the way we executed the space planning and storage.”

Kudos Denise!  You certainly achieved your goals.

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